T157 B83(D) W56 H84

8/4(tue) 8/5(wed) 8/6(thu) 8/7(fri) 8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon)
8/5(wed) 20:30~


Former jobnurse

Message from a CAST

I will do my best you can have a bright and enjoyable time with me.

Thank you.

Introductory text

A goddess full of warmth and gentleness has made an appearance! She has a shining smile, a bright and positive personality, and philanthropic attitude cultivated as a nurse. She soothes people’s heart as if she were a sunflower!

As a person involved in medical care, she strives to do her duties with a valuable aspiration and high ideals in her heart. As a result, she has grown a wonderful woman who shares joy with people and appreciates everything at this young age.

However, she is still a little early to mature as a woman because she is still like a little innocent girl. And that contrasts with the adult expression that she occasionally shows. So, the contrast will make a big impression that will remain in your heart forever!

All her parts—clear-cut face, moist and resilient lips, and wavy dark brown hair—are attractive.
If you touch her white and transparent skin, you will unintentionally smile from your heart!

The slender shoulder lines, beautiful curves from breasts to waist, rounded buttocks that symbolize infinite patience, and long slender beautiful legs—if you look at and touch them, hot flames will burn deep in your heart!

She has the charms of various aspects: Elegance and outgoing personality, being frank but polite. A wonderful time with a rare woman like her will be full of unknown magic that shakes your heart!