T170 B88(F) W58 H89

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Former jobmedical university student

Message from a CAST

I will treat you with my whole heart.

I will do my best to heal you, so please come and call me!

Introductory text

Beautiful eyes that give off a clear shine, bright smiles like the sun, and gentle sexual charms that are eye-catching!
A 21-year-old medical student with intelligence goes on a new adventure!

Is there anyone who cannot be fascinated by tender beautiful eyes, well-groomed beautiful black hair, a sharp nose, firm and moist lips, and a bright, carefree natural smile? Her smile has a mysterious power to make all people happy!

What we want you to pay attention to is her clear white and fine-textured skin! Working in collaboration with her finest beautiful skin, her beautiful F Cup breasts have a sure presence, softness, elasticity, and smoothness as if they stick to your hands! The curves that run from the waist to the buttocks and to the legs look so dazzling and rivet your eyes!

She is 170 centimeters tall, and has F cup breasts, rounded hip line facing upwards, and long limbs. The artistic silhouette they create can be said to be a one and only gift!

She strives to study as a medical student every day. Her shining and natural smile will brighten her surroundings, and positive and gentle character will attract and captivate others!
Receiving all admiration and envy, she is the gemstone of the highest grade that deserves to be called "the flower of campus" !

Please see her beauty, be enveloped in her kindness, be enslaved by her hospitality, and admire her charms! Getting relief from stress, you will feel refreshing like a dawn ♪