T161 B85(D) W58 H85

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8/7(fri) 16:00~


Former jobbeautician

Message from a CAST

I may be unfamiliar with this job, but I will do my best to serve and entertain you.

Thank you very much.

Introductory text

We will show you the woman of top quality. "Cuteness," "Beauty," and "clear and refined features" … everything is the quality that can represent our shop. You will be thrilled to feel her well-maintained beautiful hair and dazzling, fresh smile in a slightly sweet fragrant atmosphere.

She is a woman with a slender body, D cup breasts, and beautifully narrow waist. As she does not cut any corners in pursuit of her beauty, the word "pretty woman" is perfect for her. If you want to spend time like the time with your lover, I hope you have lots of lovely time with her.

She gives off a brilliance not only from her appearance but from the inside, and there is elegance and amorousness in each of her gestures, so you can feel the finest healing in her care and tenderness.
As her character is also very bright, the time with her will pass in a moment.
It can be said that the time spent alone with such a beautiful woman is exactly a blissful moment.

With her honest and natural character, you can spend the time with her as if she were your lover. Also, you can have a lot of fun because you are in a world different from everyday life.

Her charm is like the sky where stars are infinitely scattered and you will be fascinated by it. We will deliver such finest healing space to you with all our heart. We promise you that if you play with her, your afterglow will last forever.
We look forward to your call as you cannot play with the beauty without reserving her.