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8/6(thu) 要確認


Former jobcompany president secretary

Message from a CAST

Let's have a good time together ♪

I am very much looking forward to seeing you.

Introductory text

She is a bright, healthy, and refreshing beauty! She always attracts people’s attention with her slender body and charm as a woman when walking in the city. How many times will you encounter a woman who fascinate people so much! Here is "crystals of the miracle beauty" that only seems to be god's work!

Not only all the parts of her body are so beautiful, but each one is not too insisting, and the outstanding combination that complements each other, the beautifully arranged features of her face, especially when stared at with her beautiful and large eyes, you will feel adoration, comfort and healing beyond expression !

Her ideal slender body with feminine-like sleek curved lines is a must-see! It is no exaggeration to say that it is the "golden ratio body" that keeps the ultimate balance, with slim and long limbs, curves extending from the waist to the buttocks, and flexible and soft body movements!

Her charm is not only her beauty in appearance, but her shining smile like a California's sun unleashes the hearts of all men, and the kind and careful hospitality of Japanese femininity invites you to the ultimate healing space of only two of you.

She, who has been active as "company president secretary", has surely been well relied upon! With the essence of elegance, her natural kindness and consideration will be impeccable super first-class splendor! Her support will give fighting men both "vigor" and "healing"!

Please enjoy the sweet time with the "goddess of the sun". You feel like wrapped in her gentle warmth!
We promise that you will have the best time you cannot forget!