T158 B90(F) W57 H86

8/4(tue) 8/5(wed) 8/6(thu) 8/7(fri) 8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon)
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8/4(tue) 要確認
8/5(wed) 要確認
8/6(thu) 要確認
8/7(fri) 要確認
8/8(sat) 要確認
8/9(sun) 要確認


Former jobgravure model

Message from a CAST

I'm glad if you could spend precious time with me.

I will do my best to heal you a lot, thank you.

Introductory text

It is no exaggeration to say that you will feel shocked just like a "supernova explosion"! The best goddess, with the amount of heat that could not be eclipsed by the most exciting events in the universe, has just descended on our club.

An encounter with the most beautiful perfect woman, with her unparalleled allure, may become a sweet memory that will be engraved on your mind forever, and could greatly change the sense of value you have had so far!

With her beautiful big eyes looking at you, and her harmonious beautiful face where all the parts make the most of each other, we can affirm that there is no man in this world who is not fascinated by her gentle soft smile!

Though she is slender, she has F-cup breasts that are too beautiful, a naturally narrowed waist, and buttocks that make you feel feminine tender and warm. They all draw stunning curved lines that are as great as the masterpieces by ancient artists.
Packed with all the charms of women, her body is a fascinating jewel box that truly captivates men!

Her sophisticated movements and perfect manners bring comfort to all men, and a mellow atmosphere she creates gives you a feeling of great coziness!

As she loves to see the customers’ happy faces, her unrivaled hospitality as well as her beautiful looks and sophisticated movements and manners brings you to a blissful moment!

You cannot miss or avoid this miracle encounter! How about walking with her in the new era that begins from now on?