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Former jobmedical care

Message from a CAST

Let's spend sweet time with me.

As I am unexperienced, I may be awkward. So please give me elementary lessons.

I'll devote myself to you, the socially-experienced customers!

Introductory text

She is a beautiful medical student inexperienced in this industry. Her beautiful small face and perfect slender body are super-high level and just a must-see! They will take your breath away!

A combination of low-key Japanese “wa” spirit (cooperativeness) and active and bold service spirit, as well as sophisticated elegance and care will capture your heart!
Just perfect! It is no exaggeration to say that she is a one and only woman!

she may be unaccustomed and awkward because she is a beginner in this industry, but you will think that even the awkwardness is cute! She will overcome inexperience, nervousness and anxiety soon with her own hospitality!

She entered a prestigious women's university from the attached kindergarten. Having received a consistent first-rate education for women until graduation, elegance, manners and cultural accomplishments are top notch! she is a talented woman who speaks English fluently and is currently trying to learn French!

Education from early childhood has sublimed to excellent hospitality, so her desire to satisfy customers is second to none!
She will welcome you with her active and passionate service!

All her flawless chiseled features, small face, beautifully rounded lines flowing from breasts to waist, to buttocks, and to slender and long legs are the best possible quality! They collaborate in such exquisite balance that here is the miracle of beauty.

Please look forward to the best beauty given by Heaven! She will be able to fully meet your expectations!
Her existence will be carved into your memory forever!