T163 B83(C) W56 H82

8/4(tue) 8/5(wed) 8/6(thu) 8/7(fri) 8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon)
8/6(thu) 20:00~


Former jobevent companion, office worker

Message from a CAST

I'm thrilled to try this totally unexperienced work, but I'm very glad if it is time for healing you ♡

Thank you.

Introductory text

Completely inexperienced in this industry!
A cute and pretty fairy-like woman will debut in the DeliHel (Delivery Health) industry! The miracle "gemstone" that Gemstone Tokyo introduces to customers with confidence has emerged!

Big and straight eyes with a noble sexual charm and maiden shyness! Unbelievably sweet smile! Well- shaped and fresh lips! Beautiful facial features blessed with well-made parts will give you a true dazzle.

The slender body draws the ultimate beautiful line, and the white and smooth skin is so complete that it monopolizes men's eyes! The beauty is a must see!

She may be unfamiliar with the job because she is new to this industry. However, with her hospitality that complements it, she will be able to entertain you using full time given and offer you the ultimate healing time that the other women cannot deliver!

At first, she may get tensed up from nervousness, but with the positive and bright personality she has, she will soon be able to open up and show her true appeal to you.
There is no doubt that the encounter with her will be engraved in your heart forever as a special thing, even among many encounters with women!

Please open a new door for her to grow into a true adult woman! In you, new and unknown doors will be opened at the same time! Now enjoy a new adventure with her!