T163 B86(E) W57 H86

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Former joboffice worker in a listed company

Message from a CAST

I am nervous, but I look forward to seeing nice customers.

I would like to try my utmost, so thank you for your support!

Introductory text

"A beautiful woman full of cleanliness". This expression is perfect for her as she is a woman full of charm!
It is a pleasure for us to be able to offer our customers rare opportunities to introduce such a woman!

With beautiful black hair filled with luster and elegance, gentle eyes that make us feel sexual charms, blushing cheeks, and full lips, all the elements are fused at a high level and you can say she is the best beauty.
She is a genuine beauty who reminds us of a Japanese actress ‘Nene Otsuka’ (大塚寧々)!

A well-balanced feminine body line, beautifully shaped E-cup breasts, and the line from the narrow waist to the buttocks are especially good!
In addition, the sleek and slender legs that have a noble atmosphere are perfect.
You will gaze admiringly at her beauty automatically!

She is usually active in the front lines in a listed company, but in order to aim for further steps and higher goals, she decided to knock on the door of the Gemstone Tokyo.
With the brightness and energy of her own, she will surely accomplish any high goals!

Please get addicted to her allure, which will grab a man's heart.
We promise you the extraordinary time that cannot be substituted for anything!