T155 B84(D) W57 H85

8/4(tue) 8/5(wed) 8/6(thu) 8/7(fri) 8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon)


Former jobuniversity student

Message from a CAST

I am very nervous, but I will try my utmost for us to have a wonderful time!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Introductory text

She is inexperienced in this industry! A 20-year-old female college student has just made a brilliant debut!

The facial features have a pure and innocent image, reminiscent of actress Kasumi Arimura(有村架純). She is just a pure woman in the highest class with a slender body and a gentle character.

She studies literature eagerly at university. The collaboration of her intellect and her atmosphere that leaves cute and girlish innocence will greatly arouse the customers’ protective nature!

An honest and docile character, and elegant demeanor make you feel she is well-bred, and refined features will dazzle everyone who see them.
Fine, lustrous young skin and slender body with perfect lines has already grown to the level that everyone envies just at the age of 20!

She is new to this industry, but her interest in erotic experience seems to be soaring!
She is very nervous, but we think she is a gemstone, so we would like you to relieve her tension and warmly support her.

As an adult woman, she is just a selected special “raw stone” that is trying to increase its brilliance!
It is already dazzling, but there is still room for it to be polished and refined!

Please bring her to a higher stage with the kind guidance of you, selected executives.
She will do her best to meet your expectations!