T152 B83(D) W57 H84

8/4(tue) 8/5(wed) 8/6(thu) 8/7(fri) 8/8(sat) 8/9(sun) 8/10(mon)


Former jobstudent, idol

Message from a CAST

I am very nervous because this is my first challenge, but I will do my best, so thank you!

Introductory text

She is completely unexperienced in this Fuzoku (sexual healing) industry.
Cuteness like an angel!
The 19-year-old active idol has descended on our club.
The "gemstone", which has a perfect face, figure, and character and we should leave our future up to, has appeared!

She has an angelic atmosphere, and her friendly smile and straight eyes attracts everyone! Surely you will also be obsessed with the magic of her eyes!

Although she is good-mannered, by adding the essence of a 19-year-old lively youth atmosphere, she gives off a unique and animated air that you cannot tell!

In order to achieve a big success in the world of pop idols, she seems to be working hard on daily lessons, but she will open the door of the adult world anew in our club!

She may still lack sexual experience, but she has more interest in it than anyone else. She will grow as much as she can, given the guidance of selected adult men! From a girl to an adult woman, she is now full of energy, just like a swelling bud that is about to flower!

She is a 19- year-old girl who makes you think "I want to keep watching her forever!"
To grow into a lovely adult woman, she needs your help!
We are looking forward to the invitation from you, nice adult men, who will follow her up the stairs of growth together!