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Former jobcollege student

Message from a CAST

I am a little nervous because this is my first job, but I will do my best to make you happy!

Introductory text

Inexperienced in this industry! A female college student of half Japanese and half American opens a new door!

A sense of cleanliness and transparency that can be felt on the entire body, pure, straight, and big eyes that look at you, and a sexual aura that sometimes smells!

If she walks in the city, her beautiful facial features attract the attention of the surrounding people! She is a top-notch girl who looks has a clear-cut face characteristic of a half Japanese beauty! She has not only beauty but also friendly cuteness and sweetness for her age. Perfect!

Occasionally, her youthfulness and immatureness will make you feel the unfinished part of an adult, give her beautiful appearance exquisite accents, and make you "want to see her grow up"!

Her beautiful fine skin is full of youth and fresh, so it is so comfortable that you want to touch it forever. Also, graceful curves of beautiful breasts, waist and round cute buttocks will lure you!

I hear she is the most interested in sexual acts, so she wishes to grow up, guided by you, the kind customers!

She also heard the interviewer talk about the heart of hospitality with her eyes shining. She may have unaccustomed parts in this job, but it is safe to expect the heartfelt hospitality!

Please spend a wonderful time with her, who is beautiful and pretty!
You will surely be driven by the impulse "I want to see her again!"