T161 B84(D) W56 H85

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Former joboffice worker

Message from a CAST

As this is the first time for me, I get very nervous and excited.

I would like you to teach me various things.

Introductory text

She is a beauty whose pure, simple cuteness and adult woman’s sexual charms collaborate wonderfully!
With well-maintained white smooth skin, well-balanced slender body, and wonderful waistline, the beauty whose everything is the finest opens the door to this industry!

At first, she may become nervous because she tends to be shy with people, but as she begins to open up, her original friendliness and brightness become shown, and you will be able to spend the time with her happily.

She looks good in short hair, and her small face like the models of the magazines has cuteness reminiscent of "Honda Tsubasa"(本田翼)!

She is currently working in a top-ranked company and active in the front lines, surrounded by
excellent businessmen.

I hear she goes to see plays on a weekly basis as her hobby, and she especially likes musicals! It seems that she sometimes watches the same musical many times, and she has a dream that she wants to watch musicals in New York or London someday.

She may be unaccustomed to this job, but please see how she will grow into a sophisticated adult attractive woman, guided by all of you, kind customers!
She will surely meet your expectations!