T169 B85(E) W57 H87

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Former jobmodel, CA (present)

Message from a CAST

I'm looking forward to seeing you, our wonderful customers!

I think I may have a few shortcomings, but thank you in advance

Introductory text

The greatest embodiment of "Beauty"!
A shining goddess with tall and slender figure has come to our club!

Her face is not only beautiful but also cute. Her beautiful clear eyes and sweet smile will invite all men to the world of healing!
What a divine-beautiful smile! Please take a close look at it!
You will even be moved by that!

Her beautifully extended long limbs, the beautiful swell of her breasts, slim waist, and shapely buttocks. They all make the stunning bodyline of hers. you must see it!
That is the one and only best beauty!

Though we are fascinated by her beautiful appearance, her true charm lies in her hospitality! She is an active cabin attendant, and her hospitality will be your ultimate comfort, healing, peace of mind, and vitality for tomorrow!
With her serious character, we can imagine the scene where she serves you hard!

She always smiles, looks straight into your eyes, speaks gently, and listens to what you say sincerely. It is no exaggeration to say that her elegance, presence and beauty are the best works of art!

In today's stressful society, to meet her will be a fine refreshment that will heal your wounded and tired heart, and it will be your best unforgettable memory!