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Former jobreceptionist at a famous company

Message from a CAST

I am very nervous, but I look forward to meeting nice customers!

Introductory text

The exceptional transparency! you will be deluded and disturbed by the pure, unclouded look!
The facial features are so beautiful that they can favorable compare with those of models and actresses, and it is certain that she attracts the male visitors as a receptionist in the company!
Some people are said to visit the reception only with the aim of her ...

The lovely small face with big eyes, a gentle, glossy curve from nose to mouth. They achieve the best balance and a neat look!
And her sweet and friendly gesture will make men in the universe melt!

The soft and tender voice is comfortable to the ear, and the expression gives the other person a sense of security. She has such a mysterious charm that every man wants to make her his girlfriend!

And her figure is slender, yet she is complete with beautiful big breasts of F cup. It is just the seductive perfect body. Spectacular!
By her breathtaking figure and beautiful features, and the sexy gestures and expressions that she sometimes shows, your excitement will jump to MAX at once!
Here is the one and only beauty that can never be replaced!

If you feel her sweet smell and embarrassingly throbbing heartbeat, it will be a truly blissful time that you will never forget!
How about spending elegant, warm and sweet time with her?

We will deliver our new “gemstone” and a romantic time!