T159 B86(D) W58 H84

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Former jobstudent

Message from a CAST

Let's spend wonderful time only for two of us!

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Introductory text

A very pure special beauty who is new to this industry!

With the transparent feeling of a beginner, the pure smile that captivates all men, and the white skin as if it were transparent, she is a pristine girl whose everything is the finest!

Everyone is drawn to the pretty and well-shaped features, especially, big eyes!
If we are looked at closely by her beautiful big eyes, we are likely to feel shy!
In her eyes, we wonder if it has a mysterious power that stimulates the pure part of men!

The E-Cup breasts are white, and beautifully swelling. And curves that run through the narrow waist to round and cute buttocks, shakes the hearts of all men!
And once you touch her fine skin, it will be difficult for you to stop touching because of too much comfort ♪

She is still inexperienced and seems to be nervous, but she seems to make her heart skip a beat by expectations of being escorted by mature gentlemen. ♪

Right now, she is about to make a leap to a sophisticated adult woman!
Please take her to the next stage with your hand!