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Former jobstudent

Message from a CAST

Let's have a good time together. Thank you!

Introductory text

At first glance, you will realize that she is a S-class beauty without complaints with the figure that everyone is convinced, and she is also at the highest peak of elegant and beautiful facial features. Everyone cannot help feeling good about a woman-like soft atmosphere and a sense of cleanness.

And you will gaze admiringly at the clear white skin, the lovely and clear eyes, and the wet lips. The well-shaped D cup breasts, slender waist, and beautiful buttocks make you feel beauty and sex appeal, and she is a perfect beautiful woman.

she is a good listener and she deals with people in an obedient manner. In addition, she is polite and use good language that feels like an adult woman. Also, she creates a classy, noble, and calm aura. When you are with her, your bodies stick together creating a fulfilling time.

She cannot be expressed in words, but without doubt, she is a gemstone of diamond that can convince you that she is one of the great talents to emerge in decades.

She also has an honest and natural heart, and all men will be captivated by the gap between her honesty and hard sexual play!

“Kotosan”, who keeps attracting people, is a woman with natural charms, and you probably want to spend hours with her together. And it is not an exaggeration to say that "Kotosan", who has a cozy atmosphere, is loved not only by our members but also by everyone.

Life is only once, so I hope you will meet and play with her so as not to regret it.
Please enjoy the sweeter moment with her than your real lover until you get satisfied!